Interships tennis Risoul and Vars (Southern Alps)


montagnes060.jpgRisoul 1850 - The station

- Risoul 1850: Station -


Magnificent gazebo overlooking the park Museum, Risoul is located in a prestigious setting.


Here, no need for a car, everyone travels by foot; shops, homes and services are all close to each other.


Risoul, it is the gaiety tonic at the heart of an architecture and an authentic mountain favorites insured for the whole family thanks to the facilities for children


At your disposal: a multitude of pleasures

Hiking, water sports, swimming pool, fitness, archery, horseback riding,
miniature golf, stop child care, nursery, mini club, paragliding, disco, football, volleyball, etc.

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For more information about the resort:

Thanks to the Office of Tourism of Risoul and Sara-residences for the photos.

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